Kendra Scott

October 25, 2019

BY Michelle Sheffield

On October 17, 2019, Kendra Scott hosted a Shop For Good event at her location in Alpharetta, Ga. to benefit The Eric R. Beverly Family Foundation.  The event allowed guest to purchase while giving back to the organization during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Guest were allowed to browse the inventory, while having hors d' oeuvres and drinks. 

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Shop For Good

With every purchase Kendra Scott donated 20% toward BCRF research grant. 
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The Eric R. Beverly Foundation

Provides support to lower income breast cancer patients by removing financial barriers to beginning and successfully completing their treatment
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The Event

The event was hosted inside of the store location. 
Over 200 guest were expected. Started at 6:00 pm. 98% were women with their daughters. The guest were interacting and choosing from the Breast Cancer jewelry collection, that was design for this special event.

The Goal

Kendra Scott, goal always is to connect with their clients for all upcoming events. With new age technology clients are always looking for something unique and interactive. While not feeling overwhelm with other things, such as filling out postcards. 

Our Role

A MJ Production, goal is to provide service that gives clients and guest exactly that. By giving Kendra Scott a marketing tool, that is complete branding, Photo template, action branding animation, information for products. As well as collecting data for retargeting with promotion and upcoming events.

In conclusion we were able to provide Kendra Scott 

with a platform that would allow guest to share 

their image via mms, on Social media right from their 

mobile device, giving Kendra Scott more brand

awareness. Also, providing Kendra Scott with data that

would be benefical for retargeting.

Data collected is GDPR compliance.

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