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Branding Activation

Data Analytics

Custom Start Screen

The start screen animation is trigger by the touch of your finger. We customize the start screen with your company logo, bringing  your brand to life. The full Length Mirror gives your client an amazing interactive experience.

Share Station

The share station allows you to share via text, email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. While collecting data for retarget. 

Custom Branding

Allow your company full branding activation know as White Label.

Custom Pillowcase Backdrop

We upgrade you to a custom pillowcase backdrop. Branding you product from begin to end.



Up to Six Hours Full Services

Two Amazing Professional Attendant

Custom Template

Custom Animation

Custom Props 

Photo Shoot 

Social Media Interaction

Guest Album  

Side Panels

Custom Backdrop

Share Station

Data Analytics

Extra Second Mirror/Mobi

Free Travel in Atl. Metro Area

Subject to change*


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